Do you need help with settling baby?

When baby cries it can be extremely stressful; especially for a new parent!

We all know that if baby cries it usually means that they needs something (a great article on that HERE), however, once you have attended to baby's needs and baby is still crying, perhaps he/she needs to feel safe, comfortable and warm?

For this reason Kris Gowlland created chants and white noise to help her baby settle and feel happy and safe. She found that by using similar type sounds which baby is used to hearing in the womb accompanied by a gentle walk, this helped all her babies settle. The chants also helped her breathe and feel a sense of calm too.  

Deciding to record and share this with the world, many other parents around the world have found this to help also. Read the five star reviews HERE.

Find your download:

Hold baby close, breathe deeply and gently bounce along to:

White noise DOWNLOAD


Instrumental lullaby DOWNLOAD

Full Sing Baby Sing Album DOWNLOAD 


For a happy, peaceful environment try playing the album Sing Baby Sing whilst in the car or at home. The songs have white noise laid underneath the music to assist in settling. 


Find out more on how you can use the music to help create a happy and peaceful baby routine. The creation of this routine has aided many parents in assisting their baby to settle happily into their new world.