'Sing Baby Sing' - OUT NOW!


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Becoming a mum is not what you thought it would be and it's not how you thought you'd feel. We get it! We are here for you, to help you remember that you are amazing, you can do this and you ARE the beautiful, effective and engaging mum which you have always wanted to be.

It can be hard to know what to do with baby during awake time, how to stop the tears and also find the time to somehow leave the house. So we have made it easy for you:

Simply download Sing Baby Sing, press play and enjoy with baby. Each song corresponds directly with NSW government baby development guide: Sing-Love-Talk-Play, so as you play, know that you are investing into babies development plus enjoying some special bonding time. 

Finding it hard to leave the house? Let us help you make it easier. Develop a routine using the sleep time song, play at the same time each day and before you know it baby has come to learn this as a cue for sleep. You can now plan your days and venture out of the house.

A crying baby? This can be challenging for everyone. Hum and gently bounce baby to our soothing chants and melodies as each have the added benefit of white noise inserted within the music. OR play it in the car for a quick settling method.

Lastly, take a big deep breath, enjoy and before you know it, you will be feeling better, as will baby!


We get so much joy from helping you find your happiness again. All our love.

All music is Paediatrician Endorsed.