What do you do with baby while they are awake?

Hi it's Kris here, the creator of Bubsibrain . I remember with my first baby it took three weeks until I was confident enough to step out of the house. Everything felt so scary and different, I was worried and I just wanted to make sure I was doing everything right.

I was trying to follow baby development guides, which advised me to help baby reach for objects and play peekaboo amongst other things.

However my baby suffered silent reflux and cried a lot, so this was not possible.


That's the reason I wrote the music, to help him settle. Plus the songs I wrote coincided with the developmental activities which I found in NSW Governments Baby Development Guide.


When he heard the music, he would stop crying and then I was able to do the activities with him while we sung. He loved it and I loved it too because -

1. It settled him.

2. I knew I was also helping his development.

It took the stress and the worry about doing it right, out. I was able to relax and had something to do with him while he was awake.

It also helped us to form a beautiful connection which we still have to this day, 8 years later.

If you're like me and you worry about getting it right and you would find comfort in following a guide, please download the music HERE. Sing along, play, breathe and enjoy this beautiful newborn stage.


Wishing you peace and happiness during this time. Lots of love, Kris x

Sing Baby Sing is Paediatrician Endorsed to assist in the development of babies 0 - 12 months.