Are you a routine person?

Do you need to have your own time?

Do you worry when leaving the house incase baby looses it?

Being the type of person who loves routine and structure and loves to be in control of their own environment is a great trait, however when a new baby comes along this can make life a little tricky.

There is no controlling baby, in fact it's quite the opposite, baby now controls you. And becoming responsive to baby and adaptive, can be a struggle. You're used to having your own quiet time and now if you do it's in the shower or you're trying to get some sleep.


Meet Kris, the creator of Bubsibrain, she struggled with this very thing. That's why having the structure of following music and musical activities during awake time worked for her. More on that HERE.


She also found great comfort in developing a musical routine for baby and baby loved it too. As expert say, baby routines have been proven to assist in baby feeling settled and happy. It offers baby predictability and the comfort of knowing what's coming next. 


Kris found this worked for her and has also helped many other parents and daycare educators all around the world. This is her story:


Hello! if this sounds like you, you are in the right place. I hear you! Everything you have just read, I felt and I'm here to tell you that there is a solution x I found that by having a routine, this helped me as I could plan the day and outings around it, it also made a real difference in my babies temperaments and general wellbeing, they all became happier and more peaceful when they were in their routine.

I started planning for the routine as soon as they were born by playing the music to them during their awake time. By my second and third child I was even playing it to them while they were still in the womb, I honestly believe that they recognised the music when they came out. It was beautiful.

How did I do it? Every time it was time to go to sleep I would sing the Have A Little Rest song and then whisper that ‘it’s time to go to sleep now’, whilst settling baby into bed.

I started as soon as I got home from the hospital. As the months went by I kept an eye on baby’s tired signs and around the three month mark I noticed a routine starting to take place.

This was something baby had started to do on his own and I was getting better at catching his tired cues too.

Then, as I noticed the routine starting to form I found I could use this anywhere. If we were at the shops I could sing this to him and then put him in the pram to sleep. He would go to sleep happily. If we were at my parents, I could do the same, he simply knew the cue.

I did the same thing at night time too with the End Of The Day lullaby. It was amazing, no crying, happy and settled. I tell people that without this music I couldn’t have gone back for more after my first. Now at three babies, the only reason I’m stopping is because I’m too busy :) 

I truly hope this helps you too and you enjoy a beautiful peaceful newborn stage. Please feel free to message me as I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Sending so much love, peace and happiness. Kris xxx


Have a Little Rest DOWNLOAD

End of the Day DOWNLOAD

Full album DOWNLOAD HERE (recommended)

You can also use Good Morning To You, Bathtime and Changing The Nappy songs as part of this routine too!