I get it. When I became a mum, I didn't feel the way I thought I'd feel. 

This is why I'm passionate about helping you too.

Kris is an Award Winning Product Creator and Singer-Songwriter, having received a 2020 Bronze Award for Product Innovation, Ausmumpreneur Awards for Bubsibrain, plus an ARIA Nomination for Best Children's Album whilst at the ABC. An ACRA Nomination and Gold Manuscript Award followed, however her greatest reward has been becoming a mum to three beautiful boys.

When Kris first became a mum, it wasn't what she expected it to be. The constant crying, the lack of routine, having no idea what to actually do with a newborn, it was all too much and she spiralled into post natal depression (more on her story HERE). 

She did however manage to pull herself out of a dark hole by running to what made her feel happy, singing. Giving up on all the rules she had tried to give herself and trying to find some joy in her day, Kris noticed that as she sung, her baby stopped crying. And not just stopped crying, he engaged with her

Very quickly she realised she was onto something, reaching for her NSW Government Baby Development Guide, Kris started to write songs based on each developmental activity, discovering that while she sung, the tears stopped and her baby engaged with her. She then decided to use some of the songs to create a sleep routine for her son, this was a great success!


Deciding to enlist on the help of Dr John Eastwood, head NSW Paediatrician, Dr Eastwood confirmed that the music coincided with the suggested developmental activities for babies 0 - 12 months and she received Paediatrician Endorsement for her songs.


Kris then recorded and published the following music and books which gave her the confidence to be the engaging and effective mum which she had always dreamt of being. Plus her dream come true, she now had a happy and settled baby.  

You too can now enjoy feeling like this too!

Click HERE for the music: Sing Baby Sing

Click HERE for the books: Black and White Stories For Babies